Middle School Computer Science

Department:  Middle School

The Computer Science Department provides students with knowledge of basic computer hardware, software applications, on-line resources and programming languages. Students' knowledge will be sufficiently deep to affect the ways in which they collect, organize, manipulate and ultimately understand information.

Computer: VI: Programming with Scratch I
Using the very engaging medium of the Scratch programming language, this course lays a foundation for addition study of computer programming, teaching concepts such as variables, conditional branches, loops, messaging, and much more. Students in this course will have frequent opportunities to create Scratch programs of their own design. Creativity, tenacity, patience and logical thinking are fostered in this course in a unique way.

Computer: VII: Programming with Scratch II
This course is the sequel to Programming with Scratch I offered to Class VI students. Using clones, lists, and Scratch's ability to allow students to create new, novel programming blocks, this course extends students' abilities to solve elegant problems within the confines of a programming language. Though similar to the Class VI course, students in Class VII will do projects of significantly greater complexity.