Lower School Library

LS Library The Lower School Library has a central location and is a place where a love of reading is fostered and curiosity is prized.  Beginning in PreK-4, students visit the library weekly to learn how to navigate a library, the breadth of books that are available, standard check-out procedures, and where to find information they have a desire to know more about, and to share stories with each other.  

Parents are encouraged and welcome to come to the library with or without their child and check out books to take home.

Library Check-Out Policies (by Class)

PreK students visit the library once per week and are able to check out one book at each visit. When a student has checked out four books, the student is encouraged to return books before checking out new ones.

Kindergarten students visit the library once per week and are able to check out up to three books per week. When a student has six books checked out, the student is encouraged to return books before checking out another book.

Students in Class I-V visit the library once per week. There is no limit for checking out books for these students—we encourage students and parents to decide the number of books that works best for them.

"When you're curious, you'll find lots of interesting things to do"
       -Walt Disney


Students have the opportunity to participate in book clubs each term while in Classes II-V. The Lower School Book Clubs are run by Ms. Quinn, Lower School Librarian, and feature intentionally-chosen, new books that will excite our readers and stimulate great conversation at the end of the term during the culminating discussion. Specific information is sent to parents and students by homeroom teachers at the beginning of each term. 


Please contact Martha Quinn, Lower School Librarian with any questions:

Lower School Library: 801-816-2253