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Kindergarten Science


In Kindergarten science, students begin their year learning about what a scientist does. They study the lives of a few scientists and learn about their discoveries. The Metric System is their next area of study. This is the measurement system used throughout the year. Astronomy and learning the order of planets is always a favorite for the students. These lessons help the children understand the orbit of the planets around the sun. The slant of the earth and how it causes different seasons is discussed. Students also study the effects of the moon's orbit around the earth. As part of a Human Biology unit, students are introduced to the five senses and a few of the body systems, with a focus on hygiene and caring for their bodies. In the Zoology unit, children learn about vertebrates and some invertebrates, including spiders, insects, and worms. The final unit is a brief study of Botany, introducing students to the basics facts about plant life.