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Head's Photo of the Week: November 28, 2016

Monday, November 28, 2016

Sarah Shipp performing piano at this morning's assembly. Senior Sarah Shipp Performs Piano at Upper School Assembly

At this morning's assembly, I had the privilege, along with the Upper School, to enjoy Sarah Shipp ’17, performing Chopin, Scherzo in Bb minor. 

It was a wonderful way to begin anew after recharging our batteries during the Thanksgiving recess.

In two weeks, this amazingly talented senior will play with visiting piano soloist Jeffery Kahane and the Utah Symphony. The next night she will be soloing in the Utah Symphony lobby for patrons as they arrive for the symphony and on December 17 will play Carnegie Hall as a result of winning the "American Protégé for Strings and Piano." 

Waterford salutes Sarah and all of our talented artists as their engagement enriches our ability to recognize and appreciate beauty in its many forms.

To hear Sarah perform, click here