Waterford Resilience Fund

Waterford Resilience Fund

Since COVID-19 surfaced, the entire Waterford faculty and staff have devoted themselves to ensuring the health, safety, and well-being of our community as well as the continuity of our academic program. The adaptability of this community to lean into change and innovation all the while remaining grounded in our core values and mission has been nothing short of inspiring. How we move forward from this challenge rests in the commitment and dedication we make to one another. 

In response to generous offers of support, the school’s Board of Trustees has established a community-wide relief effort to bolster Waterford’s ability to address unexpected costs over the coming months. We recognize the impact the current environment has on Waterford families, and at the same time, it’s critical that we highlight the School’s needs and ask for your consideration. 

We’re delighted to share that the Board and our Head of School have personally committed over $70,000 this week to launch the Waterford Resilience Fund that will help address the short- and long-term needs of our community. We ask you to join us!


With adaptability and flexibility, Waterford quickly launched a distance learning program that maintains academic continuity while balancing rigor and social-emotional care. Waterford continues to bring every ounce of intentionality to its program through the expertise of faculty and feedback from all of you to learn, grow, and adapt as needed.  We’ve asked for faculty and parent feedback on the program and implemented responsive change.  And as we move through this together, we’re learning and growing from many resources as we seek expert advice and professional development where needed. 

All of this requires additional resources to support evolving needs including:

  • Maintaining faculty and staff employment
  • Professional development and program costs for remote learning
  • Financial aid assistance for families
  • Unrestricted funds to weather unforeseen economic hardships

We are deeply grateful for all that you are doing to sustain and build our Waterford community. Thank you for considering a gift to the Waterford Resilience Fund.

Please note that the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act has introduced new opportunities for charitable contributions to nonprofit institutions. For individuals who itemize, the CARES Act allows deductions for cash or stock donations of up to 100% of your 2020 adjusted gross income. For those who take the standard deduction, the bill allows for as much as $300 in annual charitable contributions (cash or stock) to be directly subtracted from your gross income.


You can support via check, stock/wire transfer, or credit card in the form below.

Check - Please make checks payable to Waterford School. Noting “Waterford Resilience Fund” in the memo section of your check. Mail to:
Advancement Office
1480 East 9400 South

Sandy, UT 84092

Wire or Stock Transfer - Please contact Verity Flurer ( for instructions.

Credit Card - Please fill out this form



Please contact Andrew Swindle at with any questions.