Waterford Resilience Fund

Waterford Resilience Fund

Last spring as COVID-19 surfaced and upended our regular way of life, Waterford quickly sprung into action to ensure the health, safety, and well-being of our community as well as the continuity of our educational program. The adaptability of this community to lean into change and innovation all the while remaining grounded in our core values and mission was nothing short of inspiring. 

In response to the outpouring of generous offers of support, our Board of Trustees established a community-wide relief effort to bolster Waterford’s ability to address unexpected costs over the coming months, and the response from this caring community was inspiring. Thank you for supporting this effort!

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Last Spring as a community, we raised over $175,000 to the Waterford Resilience Fund from 84 generous gifts. 

84 GIFTS $175,000
84 Gifts to the Waterford Resilience Fund



Technology to Support Synchronous Learning

Waterford invested in technology such as our new Owl system to enable synchronous learning for every classroom, several software programs to support our teachers’ hybrid instruction, and large television screens for each classroom to enable students in classrooms to easily engage with and see their classmates learning from home.

Health and Safety

With your support, we outfitted every bathroom with touchless faucets and doors, added hand sanitizing stations throughout campus, and air purification in every classroom to keep your students and our faculty as healthy as possible.

Professional Development

To prepare our faculty to teach in this new environment, your gifts helped support a four-week professional development with Global Online Academy.

Financial Aid

Your support helped us provide much needed tuition assistance to families who faced financial need due to the pandemic’s impact. With your help, we were able to keep our community together during this challenging time.