Waterford Fund FAQ

Why is my gift to the Waterford Fund so important?

Every year you participate in the Waterford Fund, it’s like you are casting a vote – for our students, for our faculty, and for Waterford’s mission. Foundation leaders and other potential donors view participation as one indicator of satisfaction in the school. As we compete against other schools for limited grant funding, our participation rate can give Waterford the edge it needs to be awarded major gifts in the future. So every gift made, no matter the size, makes a difference!

What amount should I give?

Participation is most important, and each gift, no matter the size, makes a difference!

How do I make my gift to the Waterford Fund?

The easiest way to make a gift or pledge is to visit our secure, online giving form. The Waterford Fund officially kicks off in the fall, when each member of the Waterford community receives a packet and reply envelope in the mail. A few weeks later, current parents who have not yet participated receive a friendly reminder call from a volunteer. The 2018-19 Waterford Fund runs from September 1, 2018 to August 31, 2019. Once you make a gift or pledge within that timeframe, you will not be asked to support the Waterford Fund again until the next academic year.

Can I restrict my Waterford Fund gift?

Waterford Fund gifts can be directed to specific areas including academics, fine arts, athletics, financial aid, technology, and faculty professional development programs. While much appreciated, gifts or sponsorships to Waterford events such as the Founders Gala or capital/endowment funds do not count toward the Waterford Fund because of reporting restrictions placed on the school by foundations and other associations.

Can I designate my donation?

As part of the Waterford Fund, donors can direct their dollars for specific components of Waterford’s operating budget. The individual fund designations included in the Waterford Fund are:

  • Academics
  • Athletics
  • Faculty & Staff Professional Development
  • Financial Aid
  • Fine Arts
  • Technology
  • Where Needed Most
What is the 100% parent participation challenge?

The 100% Parent Participation Challenge is a friendly competition between the grades in each division with the ultimate goal of increasing parent participation in the Waterford Fund.