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Sam Sather Brogna

Class I M.A., Teaching, Westminster College

Sam Sather Brogna earned her Master of Arts in Teaching degree from Westminster College. Prior to her graduate studies, she received her undergraduate degrees from the University of Utah and the San Francisco College of Arts and Crafts.

As a lifelong learner, Sam has served in a variety of schools and classrooms. She began her teaching career at Soaring Wings International Montessori School and has spent the last decade dedicating herself to becoming a highly-skilled teacher. Before coming to Waterford, Sam most recently taught Kindergarten at The McGillis School and was the Outdoor Education Supervisor for Rowland Hall Independent School.

Sam’s heart is with education that fosters independence, creativity, critical thinking and most importantly, a love of learning. She feels deep gratitude for the opportunity to teach Class I at Waterford and to be a part of this phenomenal community.

Witnessing the ah-ha moments and recognizing that children are natural scientists and artists, she is inspired daily by the joy that curiosity and discovery brings to her student’s lives. When she’s not in the classroom, Sam finds every possible chance to get outdoors and take advantage of this beautiful world! She also enjoys reading, watching films, and sharing a meal with family and friends.