Rebekka Joslin

Science M.S., Dartmouth College

Rebekka Joslin, joins Waterford’s Science Department as a Middle and Upper School science teacher. She graduated in 2006 from Dartmouth College with a Masters of Science in soil science. Her research brought her to the far southern reaches of the planet where she studied biotic and abiotic factors influencing nutrient cycling in the Dry Valleys of Antarctica.

Bekka started her teaching career in New Hampshire, where she taught, coached and served as the New Hampton School’s sustainability coordinator for 10 years. Her passion for teaching beyond the curriculum and engaging students in self-reflection is what keeps her inspired and enthusiastic. At Waterford, Bekka will teach a variety of science courses at the Middle School level as well as Upper School electives.

Bekka is joined at Waterford by her husband, Justin (science and math teacher), and her two daughters. In her free time, Bekka loves to explore the outdoors with her family, camping, skiing, biking, hiking, swimming and just plain sitting and observing.