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Michelle Curtis

Class V MSW, University of Utah

Michelle Curtis holds a Master’s Degree in Social Work from the University of Utah. She also holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Utah in Psychology and English. Michelle has practiced social work for many decades and is currently a counselor for Synergism Counseling in Sandy, UT.  She has significant experience in mental health therapy, social work practice, social welfare policy, and human growth and development. In her role as a counselor, Michelle has specialized in therapies for treating trauma, anxiety, and depression. Michelle has also facilitated DBT groups for families and children.

Michelle began her teaching career as a teacher of Intervention Drug Courses at Jordan School District for which she also wrote the curriculum. Michelle taught parents and students in courses required as a result of students’ drug use, possession of drug paraphernalia, and/or distribution of drugs. Topics included drug education for parents, penalties and the law, self-respect, self-control, personal responsibility, and the physiological effects of drugs on individual perspective and choice.

Since 1996, Michelle has been a teacher at the Waterford School where she initially taught Latin in 4th- 6th grades and American History in 7th grade. Michelle also taught English as Independent Study courses to Middle and Upper School students in need of Special Topics and/or remedial support. In Waterford’s early years, Michelle served as a long-term substitute counselor in the Counseling Department. She has also been recommended as a math tutor to Middle and Upper School students who have needed support and remediation. For the last 17 years, Michelle has been a Class V Lower School teacher. In that capacity, she has developed curricula in Writing, English, and Mathematics, along with curriculum supporting students’ development of character and study skills. Michelle has collaborated on the development of Waterford’s fifth-grade-level grammar units and has worked yearly on the development of standards that support the smooth transition of Lower School students into Middle School. Michelle loves to read fiction and history, and her hobbies include running, hiking, playing the cello, and participating in soccer and kick-ball leagues. She is known for her championship trophies in kick-ball, her Ninja videos, and her fantastic desserts and rolls.