Justin Joslin

Science M.S. University of Colorado

Justin Joslin, a MS/US Science Teacher and Robotics Team Mentor, began working at Waterford School in the fall of 2017. Justin’s path to Waterford has been an adventurous one. A native of New Hampshire, Justin attended university in central New York at Syracuse where he studied environmental engineering. On the recommendation of his advisor, he matriculated to the University of Colorado for his graduate work and his first stint in the west. Justin earned an MS in Environmental Engineering with a focus on natural hydrologic systems. His research took him all the way to Antarctica, twice, where he met his wife Bekka, who also teaches science at Waterford. Justin moved back east while Bekka finished her graduate work at Dartmouth. They worked for a time as scientists in Vermont, but quickly transitioned into the independent school world because of their passion for learning and teaching. After moving back to New Hampshire, Justin and Bekka worked for 10 years at the New Hampton School, a private boarding high school. During his time at Waterford, Justin has taught science and math, mentored the Upper School Robotics team, worked with the Outdoor Program, and overseen the annual Class IX Retreat. Justin has also helped develop elective classes focused on engineering and design where he teaches students computer aided design (CAD) and fabrication techniques. His favorite tool is the school’s 70W laser cutter, and he looks forward to helping build out the new Maker Space in the coming years. Outside of school, Justin enjoys spending time with his daughters, Kaleigh and Jenna, exploring the natural resources of Utah (mostly through skiing, climbing, mountain biking, and trail running), traveling, and tinkering.