Geoff Gerber

English Teacher MSW, Washington University

Geoff Gerber earned his BA in Political Science at the University of Chicago where the Common Core fixed his interest in liberal arts learning and teaching. A St. Louis, Missouri native, Geoff returned home to earn a MSW at Washington University in St. Louis with a thesis on education. At the same time, he earned his JD and taught writing to law students.

For a while, Geoff represented educators, schools, and colleges. Two intervening federal court clerkships developed a unique skill set that led him to intellectual property law for most of his legal career, much of it representing authors and artists. An opportunity to help a comic art studio become a publisher lured him away from the law. He was President of one of the largest comic book publishers in the country until leaving that position to make room for a merger.

Throughout, Geoff remained an enthusiastic educator servingĀ  as an adjunct for law and social work schools, creating and running internship programs, facilitating outdoor experiences for adolescents, and teaching mock trial for high school students. Geoff has presented all over the country on comics and games in education and has served as a Juror for the Excellence in Graphic Literature Awards. Before joining the Waterford Faculty, he was a middle and upper school substitute teacher at Rowland Hall and middle school interim writing teacher at The McGillis School.

After raising three sons, Geoff and his wife (also a teacher) moved to Salt Lake City two years ago where they enjoy walking their two dogs when not drinking coffee while discussing books and writing. An avowed geek, in his spare time, Geoff creates resources for tabletop roleplaying games and stays close with family and friends by running games for them.