Debbie Allred

LS Reading Tutor Ricks College

Debbie Allred has been teaching children formally and informally since 1978. She attended Ricks College after receiving a musical scholarship, where she majored in child development and music. Debbie managed the office affairs at Farm Bureau Insurance in Salmon in 1976. She worked at the headquarters for Farm Bureau Insurance handling the death claims in Denver, Colorado from 1978 – 79. As an assistant director at a day care facility in Sandy, Utah (1984-85), she created curriculum and taught preschool for children ages 3 and 4. She helped manage the bookkeeping needs for Moller-Up Moving and Storage, 1986 -87. Debbie owned, directed, and taught a singing and dancing group for seven years (1989-96), scheduling many different performances for her 120 students every month for parents and patrons throughout the Wasatch front. This included creating floats and performing in parades during the summer. Before coming to Waterford, Debbie taught musical theater at The Children’s Theater of Salt Lake, creating original mini productions. She also was the stage manager for the theater’s main productions from 2002-04. Debbie began substitute teaching at Waterford in 2002. The next year she tutored reading, and then in 2004, she became a reading assistant, creating and teaching lessons for reading groups in the second grade. She currently teaches the phonetic Fundations program for reading groups in second grade.