branton vest

Brant Vest

Art M.F.A., San Francisco Art Institute

Brant Vest has been an art teacher at the Waterford School since 2011. Brant studied painting, drawing and printmaking at Brigham Young University, and graduated with a BFA in Studio Art in 2003. He attended the San Francisco Art Institute and received his MFA in Painting in 2009. He is the recipient of several grants and scholarships including the 2007 Murphy and Cadogan Fellowship, awarded by the San Francisco Arts Council. Brant has worked in galleries throughout Utah and San Francisco, garnering practical behind-the-scenes art world experience. He is currently represented by Toomey-Tourell Fine Art in San Francisco. His work is influenced by popular and foreign cultures, and often deals with themes of spirituality, personal symbolism, and his own disparate experiences in mortality. In addition to teaching at the Waterford School, he has taught private art lessons, community art classes, and has served as an adjunct professor in the Art Department at Brigham Young University. Brant has enjoyed being part of the Waterford community and the many unique art opportunities the Waterford School affords.