Anna White

Spanish PhD, Romance Languages & Literatures - Harvard University | B.A. History/Spanish - Smith College

Anna White received her PhD in Romance Languages and Literatures from Harvard University, where she researched theater and performance in Latin America. While at Harvard, she taught Spanish classes that incorporated film, performance, literature, and music and she loves the challenge of combining grammar lessons with the rich cultural production of the Spanish-speaking world. Anna has lived in Buenos Aires, Argentina on several occasions, including during a year-long Fulbright grant, and has also traveled extensively in Latin America and Spain.

Anna is also a certified yoga instructor and enjoys teaching and practicing vinyasa-style yoga. She lives with her husband Michael and dog Arlo in Salt Lake City, and she spends her free time running, hiking, and exploring the outdoors. Additionally, she is an avid theater-goer, salsa dancer, and singer, and she loves to curl up with a good novel.