Abha Manchanda

PreK-4 Teacher M.S.W., Tata Institute of Social Sciences

Abha holds a Masters in Social Work (MSW) with a specialization in Family and Child Welfare from the Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai. Prior to joining Waterford, Abha has always been passionate about representing children with her education focused on child development support, program and policies. As a social worker she has represented children and families in diverse settings; across varied age groups and households types, children of commercial sex workers, families within the foster care system and children inflicted with HIV/AIDS. Abha’s passion for representing children continued within the global non-profit sector through strategic investment via grant-making and corporate social responsibility projects. She has worked for global grant-making agencies and was a Fellow in International Development Management with the Aga Khan Foundation Canada.

Having lived and worked across three continents and multiple countries including U.S.A, Canada, India and Australia, Abha values the importance of dialogue and accountability. Along with her work developing child led programs and policies, Abha is keenly interested in diversity, equality and inclusion (DEI) being used as a guide to lead those conversations with children. She strives to enable children to recognize their own personal equilibrium and balance.