Dining at Waterford

In partnership with Flik Independent School Dining, Waterford School provides students from PreK to Class XII access to delicious and nutritious lunchtime meals at no additional expense beyond the cost of tuition. The program enhances the overall student and parent experience, as well as fosters a sense of community and inclusivity within our school. There are enormous benefits to our All-Inclusive Dining Program, including the following:

At the heart of our dining program is the belief that sharing meals together fosters connections and strengthens our community. Every student in Classes PreK-XII enjoys a wide variety of nutritious and delicious meals every day. Lunchtime is not just a break but an opportunity for students to deepen connections with their classmates and teachers over fresh, flavorful food.

We understand the importance of offering healthy options that cater to diverse dietary preferences and needs. With our All-Inclusive Dining Program, students enjoy a selection of nutritious, kid-friendly meals—including options for those with food sensitivities or dietary restrictions. Students have the chance to explore a wide variety of exciting foods and flavors, with opportunities for second servings and encouragement to make nutrition-conscious food choices. This dining model allows Flik to serve fewer sugary and processed-packaged foods. Additionally, this streamlined dining process, featuring strategically placed food stations and the elimination of cashier lines, ensures an efficient experience, allowing students more time for enjoying their meals and connecting with friends.

We recognize that managing lunch arrangements can be a source of stress for parents. Our dining program aims to simplify this experience by removing the need to pack lunches from home and eliminating monthly lunchtime invoices. Parents can rest assured knowing that their children have access to a nutritious meal, without the hassle of managing lunch logistics.