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The Waterford Student Ambassador Program is designed to assist prospective families and families new to Waterford with their educational journeys.  Student ambassadors serve as representatives of our incredible student body. They not only are knowledgeable about the School, but they speak candidly and thoughtfully about their experiences as Waterford Ravens.

Throughout the school year, Student Ambassadors are also called upon to:

  • Host prospective students for shadow visit days on campus.
  • Act as mentors to incoming new students, both over the summer and when a student may join mid-year. In this role, they are instrumental in helping new students transition to Waterford by being a friend and resource in a new school.
  • Educate visitors about classes and after-school activities, introduce their visitors to teachers and classmates, and share their experiences and knowledge of Waterford School.
  • Attend various Admissions Office events and schools fairs to speak with prospective students and families. 

If you would like to schedule a visit to Waterford, please schedule a time here