EmpowHER Club was founded in the 2020-21 school year, when Waterford’s core value of Caring was the annual theme. At Waterford, we learn best in a caring environment where respect and inclusion to make possible the deepest forms of intellectual, emotional, and character growth. As a result of the year’s core value, Emma G. ’21 started a club at Waterford School called EmpowHER. The club’s purpose is to inspire and empower young women at Waterford to pursue leadership roles in all walks of life. The club has since grown to the largest club on campus with over seventy members (boys and girls) from classes VI-XII. During biweekly meetings, women who are leaders in their field are invited to share their stories and the lessons they have learned along their journeys to success with the club members. These speakers have ranged from Gold Medal Olympians to distinguished authors and nonprofit leaders to Academy Award-nominated Broadway writers. This club hopes to inspire the many ambitious young women with bright minds at Waterford to pursue leadership roles in the future and to overcome the challenges they will face. Each grade has a class ambassador who helps promote the club and ensure its longevity. EmpowHER is a unique opportunity for Waterford students, and is a clear example of Waterford’s liberal arts education not only providing students with a rich understanding of a variety of subjects, but also teaching students to embrace and celebrate diversity, equity, and inclusion.