Community Service

The purpose of Community Service at Waterford is twofold:

First, to serve the local, national and international communities, to look beyond ourselves and to alleviate suffering where help is needed.

Second, to affirm to students that “learning is enhanced by the recognition of responsibility. Accountability for one’s learning further encourages the realization that learning is inherently communal and connected. Learning is inescapably moral. All learning bears on living and ultimately on how best to live” (see Mission Statement). While serving others, students learn about other people and other cultures.

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Service benefits those that are being helped and changes those that are performing the service. Their world and their lives are enlarged and enriched as they see how others live. Service creates a canopy of relationships that can overarch all communities.

The goal of the Community Service program at Waterford is to offer every student an opportunity to experience hands-on community service and to assist students in defining the world anew.

Activities throughout the year include working with TreeUtah, The International Rescue Committee, trips to the Navajo Reservation and Kolkata, India, feeding the homeless, working with the Odyssey House, collecting goods for the Utah Food Bank and for The Road Home, and many other ongoing activities.