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Class V English


Organizational skills are emphasized as students are led into higher-level thinking activities within the curriculum. They are taught to extract important information, both from written materials and from lectures, to help them distinguish between main ideas and supporting ideas.

Class V reading material consists of historical and fictional novels as well as non-fictional works related to history . Many of the selected novels correspond with United States history. The main goal of the program is to create a love and excitement for reading, and to have the child learn that reading is a door into a larger world. Comprehension, higher level thinking, and inferring are components of our reading skill study.

Learning to communicate with ideas that are clear and concise is the main goal of writing in Class V. Writing consists of research, reports, poetry, stories, essays, journal entries, and other expository and narrative writing. Work in vocabulary, grammar, and usage is related to literature. This also serves as a valuable tool to improve listening skills. Students also expand their English vocabulary and spelling skills by learning prefixes, suffixes, roots, and parts of speech. Grammar instruction focuses on analyzing sentences by parts of speech and their functions.