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Class IV Music


Class IV students add to the concepts learned from Class III. They experience rhythmic and melodic concepts by listening, reading, writing, singing, moving, and playing instruments. Students are given the opportunity to develop their musical skills while having fun. They explore rhythms using dotted half and quarter notes, syncopation, and single eighth notes. Melodically, they learn solfege including high doh and fa. Concepts such as major and minor tonality, meter 3/4, up beat, and improvisation are studied. Part-singing is also introduced. Experience continues on recorder, glockenspiel, xylophone, metallophone, and various un-pitched percussion instruments to facilitate ensemble and further explore new music concepts. Class IV students prepare two concerts a year. During that preparation, singing skills are developed such as free and relaxed tone production, breath support, and intonation. Students gain the experience of ensemble and concert etiquette.

Students have their first experience learning a string instrument in Class IV. They experience the discipline and artistry of a difficult orchestral instrument through six weeks of violin study. Students learn and incorporate the many facets of beginning violin technique (including hand position, bow hold, tone production, and pitch accuracy) into their individual and ensemble playing. Through this experience with the violin, viola, or cello students experience meaningful musical expression and connect with music and a historic instrument art form in a profound way.