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Class IV English


Literature provides the foundation for the English curriculum. The reading program provides the children with quality literature selections and rewarding content from selected poetry, anthologies, and historical fiction. The home reading program provides additional titles for individual reading and small group activities.

Students also expand their English vocabulary by learning Latin word roots as well as the prefixes and suffixes from which those roots come into the English language. The skills of vocabulary, comprehension, oral reading, usage, grammar, and writing mechanics grow out of, and are embedded in, the literature and the children's writing. Spelling lists combine syllable types and the study of word origins or etymology.

Class IV students are involved in a variety of oral and written experiences. They conduct research and write reports, essays, summaries, and poetry. Throughout these experiences, the focus is on analyzing content, attending to models, editing, rewriting, and publishing. Oral activities include discussions, oral reports, identifying and defending points of view, and dramatization. Grammar instruction focuses on analyzing sentences by parts of speech and their functions.