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Class III English


Instruction provides specific skills and strategies as students learn to read and write with confidence and quality. Students read a variety of literature books. Specific reading skills related to the literature books are taught weekly. Through immersion in reading experiences, students build their reading vocabulary. As part of the word study curriculum, students explore why words are spelled the way they are, not just how to spell words, in order to successfully apply skills to unfamiliar reading and writing contexts. Vocabulary is studied through literature. The Class III literature program emphasizes comprehension development through a variety of activities focused on character, plot, and theme. Students are given time to read self-selected books, fostering a love for reading as they are exposed to many genres and authors.

Grammar concepts include capitalization, punctuation, parts of speech, and word usage. Lessons are related to work in reading and writing. Students learn D'Nealian cursive and quality penmanship is emphasized. Writing includes exercises related to literature books and history curriculum, journal writing, letter writing, fictional stories, interviews, poetry, myths, and a biographical research project. Throughout the year, students work on the processes of revising and editing.