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2020 Racquetball State Tournament Winners:

Boys JV 1st:                            Shilp Shah

Boys JV 2nd:                          Leo Stockham

Boys JV 3rd:                           Barr Dolan

Boys JV 4th:                           Tyler Martin

Boys JV Consolation 1st:  Henry Chen

Girls JV Consolation 1st:  Mataya Peters



Mixed Doubles 2nd:         Elise Stockham

                                                      Grant Felsted


Girls Doubles 2nd:            Anna Barsukov

                                                     Demi Olde Bijvank


Boys #1 Doubles 2nd:         Eeshan Chowdhary

                                                         Tarun Martheswaran


Boys #2 Doubles 1st:         Miles Elggren

                                                       Lucas Walker


Boys #3 1st:                            Lucas Walker


Boys #3 3rd:                        Grant Felsted


Boys #2 2nd:                       Miles Elggren


Boys #1 3rd:                        Tarun Martheswaran


Team Placement:  2nd   (Runner-up to Copper Hills HS)    

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