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Cinda MorganAs an extension to Wellness Week, Waterford welcomed Cinda Morgan, LCSW,  to our campus for a parent education night. Cinda Morgan has been the clinical director of Wellspring Child & Family Counseling Center since 2003 and has a passion for positive psychology. For the past 9 years, in addition to her work as a therapist for children, teens, and families, she has been researching and developing Handful of Hope, a resilience program for families. 

On Tuesday night, March 26, Cinda brought a snapshot of this resilience program to our parents in a talk called,  "Power Up: Positive Emotions to Raise Resilient Kids".  The talk brought our parents together over the same shared goal of raising resilient, happy and productive children.

Her talk was filled with facts about the brain and the importance of building a growth mindset. Cinda Morgan stressed the importance of positive emotions. And while positive emotions have proven to have a significant effect on increasing cortisol levels, positive thoughts alone don't show that same increase. And thus, the importance of using language and praise to help children build and sustain positive emotions. 

Parents were given a handout featuring a list of phrases that Cinda Morgan refers to as Protein Praise. The phrases are starters for the many ways to engage children for their daily effort, strategies and persistence. And further, questions to engage children and create a growth-minded home. 

The tools to engage our children are invaluable, we are grateful for Cinda joining us for the informative night with our community. 

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