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I am writing to share some of the amazing accomplishments of Waterford’s competitive mathletes during this school year.

I currently run the middle school math club, assisted by Mr. Golze, and we had a very successful year in both the MATHCOUNTS and the AMC-8 competitions. Waterford took 1st statewide in the AMC 8 competition in November 2020! After that, two of our students (Liam (VI) & Kiran R. (VIII)) qualified for the state MATHCOUNTS competition after numerous successes at the school and regional level. Liam took 1st statewide, and Kiran took 2nd. This means both will be attending the National MATHCOUNTS competition in May as part of the top 4 Utah team. This also means that Waterford won 1st place statewide as a team, and I was named the Head Coach for the state team. 

Also, several of our high school students participated in the AMC-10/12 competition series this February. Afterwards, we had several students qualify for the American Invitational Math Exam. This represents the top 5% of scores nationally on the AMC 10 & 12 exams. After sitting for this 15 question, 3 hour examination, Kiran and Liam managed to qualify for the USA Junior Mathematics Olympiad (USAJMO), which takes the top ~250 students in grades 10 and below and considers their combined scores on the AMC 10+AIME. As Middle School students, this is a HUGE accomplishment for both of them (arguably the biggest possible honor a middle school mathlete can obtain).

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