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As written by Lisa Potter, science writer, University of Utah:


Science Fair
Tarun M. ’21

Two Utah high school students who were finalists in the University of Utah Science & Engineering Fair (USEF) will attend the prestigious WebValley online summer school. WebValley admitted 20 students total, only five of whom live in the United States. WebValley is a data science and artificial intelligence program run by the Fondazione Bruno Kessler, a top research institute based in Italy—this year the students will attend virtually.

Clara T., a senior at West High School, and Tarun M., a senior at The Waterford School, were invited to apply to the competitive program because their USEF projects had qualified for the International Science & Engineering Fair (ISEF), although ISEF was canceled due to COVID-19. Their projects are titled Aurora Kinase Inhibitor Synergy Screen to Enhance Chemotherapeutic Sensitivity and An Enhanced Early Detection Model of Dengue Fever Outbreaks Using SEIR Infectious Disease Epidemiological Compartments, Generalized Linear Regression Relationships, and Statistical Computing, respectively.

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