Opening remarks given by Head of School, Andrew Menke: 

As this wonderful year draws to a close I want to take a moment to reflect—for one of the last times—on our theme, purpose. Now I would guess, as much as we all love the theme, that our focus and messaging around the theme can become wearisome. 

“Ah, Mr. Menke…another talk about purpose, as I battled through APs and final exams that are just days away, I am not sure I am finding purpose. Other than getting to, and crossing the finish line!” 

I commend each of you for all of your hard work and commitment to liberal arts learning and for finishing the year strong!

I have in my hand a posted note, it is tacked to my office bulletin board. I look at it every day that I enter my office. It reads, “Add To The Song of Good.” I think Ms. Nebeker spoke to this a few years ago… 

I wrote this on a sticky note six years ago, after meeting a Waterford grandparent, his name was Bob Orr.  We were having lunch together and talking about the evolution of Waterford and how much he appreciated his grandchildren’s experience here.

Bob was born on a farm in rural Southern Idaho, he worked the farm, baling hay and attending to cows, sheep, pigs, and chickens, he paid his way through Long Beach State in California and pioneered the semiconductor industry. He raised his family here in Utah.

I asked Bob how he became so successful and he said, “Each day, I try to add to the song of good in the world.”  Add to the song of good!

For Bob, adding to the song of good was his purpose. And for him this meant caring for his family, his wife, Lynda, children and grandchildren, volunteering, supporting Waterford, and his beloved Wilson Theater in Rupert, ID.

Bob worked hard, loved others, shared of himself generously and graciously—he was not afraid of risk, he was honest in small matters and in large. His ambitions were large enough to include others, he did not borrow from integrity to pay for expediency.

Bob Orr lifted others each day, with no fanfare. He added to the song of good. 

So my last mention (seniors, it may surface at commencement) of purpose, is to use your gifts, the love of your family and friends and the privilege of your Waterford education to add to the song of good in the world. It need not be complicated or involved, it only needs to matter to others.  

Kindness, caring, patience, gratitude, love—these are the foundational elements of a life of meaning and purpose. And your capacity to think critically, to be self-aware and self-critical, to take the perspective of others, to express yourself in writing and orally—these are the skills that allow purpose to infuse your life.

Your Waterford education creates the conditions, the capacity for you to add to the song of good in the world.

The true measure of your education is not what you know, but how you use what you know to contribute to your world and to the lives of others.  

It has been my pleasure to share this year with you at Waterford. I wish you well on your exams and thank you for a great year!

Opening remarks given by Class XII Dean, Dr. MaryAnn Pope: 

Hello, Class of 2024—I am very honored and happy to be here to celebrate all of you today.  

I know we didn’t start this journey together, but I am grateful that I get to end it with you. Thank you for accepting me as your class dean and making me feel welcome even though I’m not as cool as Mr. Waterhouse.

Before he left, Mr. Waterhouse told me about you. He said that you were a great class. That you were easy, low drama, fun, and that I would love being your dean. He was absolutely correct about all of these things. 

Every time I talk to a teacher about your class. We always end with, “They are such an amazing group of students.” And you truly are. You’re immensely talented in both visual and performing arts. There are some excellent athletes among you, who have been strong leaders for their teams this year, and you truly excel in academics. There are so many of you taking 4 or 5 AP courses this year. It is astounding.  

You are competitive almost to a fault, but you come together and support each other in such a beautiful way. I love your enthusiasm, your energy, and your thoughtfulness.

This year has gone by too fast. I’m very sad that we will be saying goodbye soon, but I know that you have an exciting journey ahead of you. I know you are ready to leave us, that you are strong, resilient, with great problem-solving skills, and a resolve to carve your own path in this world.  

 I just want you all to know that I believe in you. I know you have the strength and dedication to overcome any obstacles, that you will make your life what you want it to be. I got into teaching because I want to help make the next generation better than mine, and when I look at you here today. You give me hope. I know that each of you in both small or big ways will make this world a better place. Because you truly are that awesome.

Thank you class of 2024. It has been a great honor and privilege to be your class dean this year.


Remarks shared by Ryan Judd, Associate Dean of Students for Student Life:  

I have gotten to the point in life where not only do I have 4 children, but all 4 of my children are in school! My wife is lonely at home, but we are happy and grateful to have all 4 of our children at Waterford. My youngest daughter Vivienne just entered Waterford as a Kindergartener and is beginning to love reading books. Since my wife and I are both “Potterheads” we have begun to pass along our love of the Wizarding World to our daughter by reading Harry Potter books to her each night as she goes to bed. Vivienne says she likes it best when her Dad reads to her because he tries to do the voices of ‘Hagrid’, “Professor McGonagall” “Severus Snape” and “Dumbledore”

Right now we are on book three, The Prisoner of Azkaban, which is the book where Hermoine Granger is given a special medallion called the Time-Turner, which essentially allows Hermoine the ability to go back in time. When given this token, which allows her to manipulate time, it was interesting to see what Hermoine did with the invaluable gift of additional time. I believe that Hermoine would fit in well at Waterford, because she did what I think many of you would do….she went back in time so that she could take more rigorous academic classes! However, as the Prisoner of Azkaban unfolds, Hermoine instead learns that a more valuable use of her newfound gift of time is to go back in time to help her friends! I’ll try not to spoil anything…even though the book was released 25 years ago…but Hermoine uses her Time-Turner to make time to support, comfort and protect her friends.

I am very grateful to have been able to work closely with this year’s Student Government Leaders, who much like the young Hermoine, are busy and ambitious. But, it has been my blessing to watch as these young student leaders have learned to pause their busy lives and take time to help others. They have given their valuable time to try and create events, activities, and a school culture that is welcoming, kind, and brings joy to others. I have appreciated their ability to brainstorm and organize, but this group is at their best when they are tasked with finding ways to support their classmates and offer kindness to those in need.

The Waterford Anthem, that we will sing at Graduation, speaks of a “light” that Waterford students are trying to obtain. This “wondrous light” can represent knowledge, skills, character, talent or honor…all of the things that we hope to achieve from our Waterford education. However, the end of the song reminds us of WHY we seek to obtain this “light”. We do not do it in hopes of accolades, accomplishments, achievements or bragging rights, instead, we do it with the intent to “bend to others’ view, that wondrous light”. In other words, the entire point of a Waterford education is to use our talents, gifts and knowledge that we develop here, to help the lives of others around us. 

It was my pleasure to see this year’s Student Leaders channel their inner-Hermoine and spend their time making creative efforts to help those around them. So many aspects of student life just seem to magically appear as if we were at Hogwarts, but it is important to stop and acknowledge the team of Student Leaders who quietly and humbly go about doing good. Who make this place a warm and welcoming school, with events and activities that make us feel connected. I am proud of them, and grateful for all that they do. Well done:

Ethan B. ’24
Anja R. ’24
Zada S. ’24
Nathan K. ’24
Sumer T. ’24
Auden S. ’24
Gia W. ’24
Jack K. ’25 
Zainab K. ’25

Anne H. ’25
Declan D. ’25
Ciel P. ’26
Raneem A. ’26
Mahi N. ’26
Zoe L. ’27
Jerry J. ’27
Will S. ’27


Remarks shared by Nancy Nebeker, Dean of Students: 

The Dean’s Award acknowledges that a community doesn’t spontaneously come into existence.  It is built bit by bit by the willing contributions of those it seeks to serve. Every year two students in Classes IX-XII are recognized for their positive and meaningful contributions to Waterford’s Upper School community.

I am happy to present this years recipients of the 2024 Dean’s Award:

FRESHMAN – Class of 2027

Isabella P.
Isabella is new to Waterford this year. She is excited about being a Raven and building our community. She joined the Waterford tennis team and community service council this year. Her coaches and advisors noted her enthusiastic, positive attitude and consistent dedication to Waterford. Isabella is outgoing and friendly and goes out of her way to make new friends every day.

James K. 
James values our Waterford community and is engaged in making it stronger. He is not afraid to speak his mind, and yet, he is always kind and respectful. He plays Waterford soccer and joined the community service council this year as well. Those who know him—coaches, advisors & deans noted his enthusiastic commitment to our school, saying he participated in every event and helped out with every task.

SOPHOMORES – Class of 2026

Evie H. 
Evie is someone who really does see learning as “communal and connected.” She is always there for her peers, from offering study advice to supporting someone who is having a hard time. She is known for her positive attitude and for seeing the big picture on all kinds of community issues. Her enthusiasm and interest in the classroom and our community are infectious. Evie truly leads by example. 

Henry M. 
Henry is beloved by friends, peers, teachers, and pretty much any human who has met him. His interactions are always driven by empathy and curiosity, and his intellectual engagement has a way of inviting others in, instead of competing for status. He is probably surprised to be receiving this award—because building community in these small and significant ways is just who he is.

JUNIORS – Class of 2025

Cooper B.
Cooper is a student whose boundless curiosity uplifts those around him. He allows himself to wonder and then approaches those curiosities with vigor. He has gone above and beyond in supporting the robotics team: taking on difficult challenges to help the team and training rookies with new skills. He is a cheerful upbeat presence on campus, willing to go the extra mile to help out a friend. Cooper simply makes your day better.

Ella B.
Ella’s enthusiasm for life is contagious. She is a real asset to the classroom, always willing to volunteer, engage fully and help out others when they are struggling. She is a positive influence in the orchestra: she loves music and is passionate about sharing it. She has a kind soul and is always a great friend. Ella creates community by building up and supporting her peers. She cares about everyone being included.

SENIORS – Class of 2024

Redmond Ross
Redmond has had an uplifting influence on the senior class and the Waterford community in general. He is kind and friendly to everyone and is a quiet leader who people naturally follow. He embraces the Waterford liberal arts ideals and has a deep affection for our community. He is a talented musician and photographer and is always willing to share his talents. Redmond consistently lives up to Waterford values and expectations.  

Zada Sheranian 
Zada is compassionate, creative, and a community builder.  She is never afraid to speak her mind, but is always thoughtful enough to listen. She is someone her peers can trust and confide in. Zada embraces all areas of Waterford’s liberal arts ideals and she excels in everything she puts her mind to. Zada has shown strong leadership qualities in student government. Concerned for the well-being of our community, empathy is in Zada’s DNA.


The Cum Laude Society is a century-old organization dedicated to the goal of recognizing and honoring true academic excellence. Its member institutions include the very finest independent schools in the country and around the world. 

Every Cum Laude school may admit a fraction of its graduating class into the Society, and may establish the criteria for admission as it sees fit. Waterford has chosen to identify induction into the Cum Laude Society as the highest academic honor its students can earn. To be chosen for Cum Laude Society honors, students must have established remarkable records of broad, deep, sustained, first-rate achievement across all program areas in the Upper School.

The 2024 Waterford Cum Laude scholars were officially inducted into the Society at a dinner with their parents earlier in the spring, but here at this Awards Assembly we want to recognize them again:

Tyler Adams
Ethan Brennan
Caroline Connolly
Marie Franzen
Nathan Kwon
Maggie Liu
Molly Mascardo

Alessia Massinople
Shayan Pandit
Ivan Post
Lauren Watabe
Gia Weaver
Niko Weaver
Kevin Zhang



Remarks shared by Priscilla Steward, Visual Arts Department Chair:

On behalf of the Visual Arts Department faculty, I am very pleased to present the 2024 Department Award to Annika Marshall. 

Annika is a multi-faceted artist with an eye for detail and an unwavering commitment to craftsmanship. She creates drawings that have a strong presence through their use of saturated color and high contrast. They are meticulously drawn with careful attention to marks and spaces. Annika’s drawings and prints are inspired by the dreamscapes of Surrealism and a careful exploration of personal identity and cultural influences. 

Annika’s Ceramic sculptures are similarly impressive, revealing her high level of technique with the material as well as her playful approach to form and metaphor.  She has the rare ability to take a difficult concept and spin it with humor and thoughtful ambiguity. The art department selected Annika’s drawing AND ceramic work to be entered into the Springville Art Museum’s 52nd Annual Utah All-State High School Art Show. Both of her artworks had the honor of being chosen for the exhibition.

Annika will no doubt thrive in all her future endeavors, especially where creativity plays a role. Congratulations Annika on receiving the Visual Arts Department award!


Remarks shared by Abby Ross, Computer Science Department Chair:

Ivan has taken and excelled in nearly every Computer Science course offered at Waterford. In class, Ivan is an extraordinary student, asks thoughtful questions, and works tirelessly outside of class to continue learning about topics of interest. He knows how to solve problems with complex algorithms and think critically. Always eager to help his classmates, Ivan is able to clearly and simply explain complex concepts to his peers. 

Ivan has been a valuable member of the computer science community at Waterford, most recently in his roles on the robotics team and his leadership of the computer science club. Under his guidance, students in the computer science club met weekly, taught each other new cybersecurity concepts, and competed in multiple coding competitions. Ivan’s excitement about learning new concepts is contagious, and I am certain that the computer science club will continue to thrive, even after Ivan graduates. 

The Computer Science department is grateful for Ivan’s contributions both in and outside of the CS classroom throughout his time at Waterford. Congratulations, Ivan!


Remarks shared by Annie Semans, Dance Department Chair:

I am starting this letter with one of my favorite quotes by Martha Graham because it makes me think of you. 

“There is a vitality, a life force, an energy, a quickening that is translated through you into action, and because there is only one of you in all time, this expression is unique. And if you block it, it will never exist through any other medium and will be lost.”

Our Dance Department prize goes to Leila Farhart. Leila, thank you for all the years you have dedicated to our Dance program. We are so glad that you shared your time and energy with us, and we are better for knowing you and witnessing your dance.


Remarks shared by Dr. Matt Davis, English Department Chair:

The winner of the 2023–24 English Department Award is Auden Smith. My favorite poem from Auden’s namesake, the poet W.H. Auden, is “Musée des Beaux Arts.” It describes the fall of Icarus as an event unnoticed by the plowman in the poem, as he pushes his cart with head down, unable to see the famous son plunge into the ocean. To me the poem says something about the importance of noticing, and I think that art asks us to do just that in various ways. A poem can stop the world and tell us to pay attention—to suffering, to beauty, to wonder. Our Auden always pays attention. She loves literature and its ability to make her think, to allow her to consider the world in new ways, and to see beauty where she hasn’t thought of it before. Most of all, art allows her to tap into her seemingly boundless empathy, and we as a Department have enjoyed getting to see this in action. Auden is well beyond her years in her ability to put herself in the position of others and to see the world from a new point of view. It is what makes her such a careful reader, an incisive thinker, and a decent human being. We are exceedingly proud to bestow this award on Auden, and we thank her for reading with us.


Remarks shared by Jason LaBau, History Department Chair:  

Nora Ransom is a historian, embodying all of the necessary characteristics of the best of that practice. She is endlessly curious about the people and places that surround her. She questions unflinchingly, using those questions to explore the nuances and contradictions that beset the human condition. She is compassionate, seeking to know why people have made the choices they have while giving them the benefit of the doubt. She searches for answers, realizing they may be imperfect and frustrating, because that is what it means to be human. Perhaps most importantly, she can hold opposing viewpoints in her head, exploring the differences without losing sight of her own core values. 

Much of this, for the best historians, is done quietly. It is done in archives and books and articles, in reading and writing and thinking and listening. And then, having done all of this, when Nora speaks up she communicates so clearly what she has learned. In doing so, she engages audiences who are outside of her academic bubble and leads them to think critically about the questions that she has asked.

In other words, Nora is an outstanding historian. Congratulations, Nora.


Remarks shared by Megan Orton, Math Faculty:

The winner of the Math Department Award for 2023-2024 is David Jiang. Though David has always been an able student, his ardor for mathematics has truly flourished this year. In addition to taking both AP Calculus BC and AP Statistics, he also chose to do an independent study in Methods of Proof to prepare for his upcoming collegiate career. It’s no surprise that such an adept tree climber has been eager to explore the various branches of mathematics! He has additionally been self-studying linear algebra, abstract algebra and Euclid’s Elements to ensure his understanding is both broad and deep. He is constantly searching to identify what can be proven, generalized, or classified and how best to represent these ideas, demonstrating that he has the heart of a mathematician.

Congratulations David from the Math Department!


Remarks shared by Kathy Morris, Music Department Chair:

On behalf of the music department at the Waterford School, I am honored to present this year’s music award to Adrian Walker.

Passion and beauty are the first words that come to mind when I think of Adrian’s playing. His unique gift lies not just in his ability to play difficult and demanding repertoire, but in his ability to transcend the notes and create a level of musicianship that is rare at his age.

Adrian is a true leader. He never complains nor says a bad word about anyone or anything. His positive attitude lifts up the entire orchestra. He is by far the most diligent student I have ever taught. Anything I ask of him, he does wholeheartedly and to the best of his abilities. I believe that not only is he one of the best musicians to have come through my program, but also one of the kindest and most thoughtful individuals I have had the privilege of getting to know. His hard work and passion for music have paved the way for his next exciting journey: attending the Manhattan School of Music. I can’t wait to see him under the bright lights of New York City.

Adrian has grown into a fearless leader who cares deeply about his classmates and the unity of the ensemble. He often puts the needs of others before his own. Adrian is the concertmaster of our US Orchestra, Chamber Orchestra, Waterford Ensemble and the first violinist of the highly decorated String Quintet.

Adrian is kind, patient, compassionate, and self-motivated. He always strives to be the best person and musician he can be. His dedication and talent have led him to this incredible path, and I have no doubt that he will continue to achieve great things.

Congratulations, Adrian!


Remarks shared by Craig Morris, Athletic Director:

On behalf of the Athletics Department at the Waterford School, I am thrilled to present this year’s senior athletic award to Anika Holtey.

This year’s recipient has demonstrated outstanding qualities both on and off the playing field. Anika is a multi-sport athlete. Anika excelled at the Varsity level in both Rowing and Basketball. Anika was a valuable member and a tough competitor on the basketball court. 

Rowing is where Anika’s true passion and unusual talent lie. Anika’s coaches write: Anika Holtey has been a member of the Waterford rowing team for all four years of upper school, and has done nothing short of excel. Her on-the-water successes include placing 3rd and 2nd in the women’s youth single in consecutive years at the USRowing Youth National Championships, as well as two 3rd-place finishes at the Head of the Charles Regatta, the largest regatta in the world.

Anika, in every sense of the word, is a rower. She chose to compete in the most time-consuming, most physically demanding sport Waterford offers. She chose to participate in rowing here in Utah, the state least synonymous with water in the country. She chose the hardest path possible, but remained positive, humble, and resolute. Her attitude and work ethic is inspiring and she will be deeply missed when she is gone. 

Anika, all of us at Waterford congratulate you on your accomplishments and wish you the best of luck in all that lies ahead.


Remarks shared by James Harris, Science Department Chair:

“Optimizing the Production of Heparin Precursor Oligosaccharides for Producing Heparin Anticoagulants”

If this sounds fascinating then Molly Mascardo is your kind of person. 

Molly’s expansive, incisive scientific mind does not consider a subject to be bounded by the presented curriculum. As an exceptional learner of science, she considers a course— a set of activities, lab reports, exams—to be merely an entry point, a door to another world of knowledge and exploration. It is a doorway that Molly finds irresistible.

Molly embraced the range of our science offerings, and used them to elevate her learning. From studying anticoagulants—knowledge that could save your life in the future—during an internship at the University of Utah, to pursuing organic chemistry knowledge via independent study, to learning new skills for Science Olympiad competitions, to incorporating Great Salt Lake water in her artwork, Molly yearns to learn more, explore more.

Molly found time to share her love of science with others who have less access, and those more likely to keep to, or be kept at, the periphery of science. Molly, with a handful of like-minded peers, was a founder of the Steminists club, a group of Upper School students that taught summer classes to young students, held seminars to support girls interested in science, and hosted science events for refugees.

Molly has embraced knowledge, has leveraged it to learn yet more, and activated it to build up our community, at Waterford and beyond.


Remarks shared by Javen Tanner, Theater Department Chair:

The 2024 Theater Department Award goes to Sophie Allebest. Sophie began her Waterford theater career with the challenge of learning a Manchester dialect, spoken clearly––behind a Covid mask, no less––for our production of Prayers of Sherkin. It never occurred to me that that might be a lot to ask of a Freshman still in her first year at Waterford. I just knew she could handle it. And she did. She went on to appear in roles as various as Lady Capulet in Romeo and Juliet, Lady Candour in The School for Scandal, Dionysus in The Bacchae (performed on the ancient stage at Thorikos, in Greece), the title role in King Lear, and, just this past weekend, Elinore in Sense and Sensibility. In all, she has appeared in twelve productions over four years, giving conscious care to each role. Sophie loves big ideas and difficult discussions. Her capacity for intellectual engagement goes as deep as her creativity, a rare combination that has been a light in the black box for the past four years. We will miss her very much. Congratulations, Sophie.


Remarks shared by Tim Stout, World Languages Department Chair:

The 2024 World Languages Department Award goes to Kevin Zhang. We recognize Kevin for both his outstanding work in French and his massive impact on the Chinese program. These past few years Kevin has distinguished himself in the French classroom through his sustained dedication, excellent achievements, and generous spirit. He displays strong mastery of the material, but to him, language learning is much more than just words. Kevin embraces the Waterford values of curiosity and excellence by pushing himself and asking insightful questions, finding connections and making terrific contributions in the classroom. 

Kevin has also served as a Chinese TA, offering great support to our Chinese students. Simultaneously, he has lent his passion to the Chinese club, where he has been able to share with fellow students many fascinating aspects of Chinese culture, including jianzi, mahjong, and calligraphy. This year, while serving as our Chinese club president and concurrently serving as board game club, Kevin has organized dozens of excellent activities, including performing together with the Utah Chinese Folk Orchestra and running our other awesome Chinese New Year festivities, such as the lantern riddles contest. 

Wherever he commits himself, Kevin brings his many impressive artistic talents to bear, enhancing every project with creativity and skill. Well done, Kevin. You’ve certainly left your mark on Waterford. We all look forward to seeing how you will make your mark on the world at large. Congratulations, Kevin!


Each spring, we are honored to participate in awarding the Seal of Biliteracy—a nationally recognized award that honors students who have reached a high level of proficiency in two or more languages. These students have worked diligently to reach a level of fluency in languages that will serve them well in the coming years. Congratulations to the following students:

Cooper B. ’25
Jema D. ’25
Declan D. ’25
Connor G. ’25
Rowan H. ’24
Ana H. ’24
Fiona J. ’26
Jack K. ’25
Mia K. ’24

Sofia L. ’24
Ernie L. ’24
Lily M. ’24
Ivan P. ’24
Zada S. ’24
Lisa S. ’25
Myles W. ’25
Gia W. ’24


Remarks shared by Casey O’Malley, Academic Dean:

Each year, the school awards the Junior Book Award to the members of Class XI who have demonstrated exceptional performance in their academic endeavors — both by their academic performance, their selection of rigorous courses, and in their willingness to think deeply and question ideas in and out of the classroom. These students hold the highest academic academic records in the class and exhibit great intellectual curiosity and generosity.

I want to extend my heartfelt congratulations to the students who have achieved this honor this year. I know that it has taken a lot of hard work, and I commend you all personally for doing it. The winners of 2024 Junior Book Award are:

Sierra S. ’25
Austin F. ’25
Kiran R. ’25
Rose H. ’25
Keean K. ’25
Jack K. ’25
Myles W. ’25

Aiden P. ’25
Maggie A. ’25
Connor G. ’25
Kaycee K. ’25
Lisa S. ’25
Sarina S. ’25


Remarks shared by Andrew Menke, Head of School: 


Abhi is a beacon of selfless leadership and community contribution, in the greater community out there and right here, each day at Waterford. Deeply engaged in local politics and a passionate advocate for the environment, sustainable agriculture and animal rights—he is admired by all who know him. His commitment to social impact is matched only by his compassion and humility.  Abhi’s commitment to triathlons demonstrates his dedication to personal excellence and physical health and illustrates discipline and resilience so essential to who he is. Abhi is a friend to all and beloved by both students and faculty. He is kind, polite, respectful, creative, and one of the most engaging and thoughtful individuals you will ever have the pleasure to meet. Known for his sociable and fun nature, Abhi’s quiet yet intentional use of his voice—makes him a respected and beloved member of the Waterford community. Abhi creates space for others and uses his voice and actions to support those who are marginalized. A founder, contributor, and participant in a variety of clubs, he was a member of Waterford’s Cross Country team, The Peer Leadership Council and Health Occupations Students of America. Abhi’s mastery of complex ideology and his desire for the betterment of the world are extremely impressive. 

He has become a staple of Waterford’s extracurricular activities and his nourishing personality  builds and sustains his many friendships. He is charismatic, humble, and amiable to all and he will always initiate a “hello, how are you” when he sees you on campus. He extends unending kindness and grace to all in his orbit.  Abhi is a strong, open-minded, compassionate leader by example— blessed with high emotional intelligence. In only two short years here at Waterford, it is amazing how much Abhi has contributed. Abhi is reflective and introspective and one of the most respectful, creative, and genuine human beings ever to grace this campus. He is intrinsically motivated to add to the song of good and we are all the better for being in his presence.

Abhi, congratulations and thank you for all that you have done for Waterford.


Anja Rauscher stands out at Waterford as a dynamic leader, a dedicated athlete, and a talented artist. Her engagement in student government, community service, and athletics highlight her commitment to the school community. Known for her creativity, caring nature, and adventurous spirit, Anja excels in sciences and the arts, demonstrating her wide range of talents and interests. Her positive influence and leadership make her a role model, inspiring her peers to strive for their best. She is creative, caring, adventurous and positive. She is an impactful leader and one of the most impressive and influential students at Waterford. She is authentic, mature, kind, and humble, making her a natural leader in our community. She is deeply curious and connected to her values.  She is determined, and an active participant in her learning, while maintaining a wonderful sense of humor and selfless humility. Anja is a four-year member, and two-year President of the Community Service Council and VP of student council. She is a sought-after speaker, most recently at the Parent Association. She often leads Upper School Assemblies—sharing news of upcoming student initiatives. She is a two-sport captain in lacrosse and tennis and a three-year member of the Leadership Board of the Environmental Club. In addition to leading numerous environmentally-focused community service projects, she collaborated with school administration to develop a school recycling plan. She captained our state-qualifying debate team and participated in Girls State. Anja’s warm smile and easy disposition help her to connect with peers—she is simply a delight to be around! Her first response is to always help others. She is a community builder and seeks to form strong connections in all of her activities. Her character is as exceptional as her aptitude. She is a consistent, supportive friend who transcends social groups. Anja is affable and kind and has been a true asset to our community in every way.

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