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This summer Waterford's Science Department had the pleasure to send four rising seniors to the University of Utah’s School of Pharmacy for the fifth year of internships comprising of an 8-week, in-depth research experience in academic laboratories. Waterford students Michal O. ’20, Manya M. ’20, Charles M. ’20, Shilp S. ’20 all collaborated with different research teams throughout the 8 weeks. The research spanned traditional synthetic organic chemistry (Michal O. ’20; Franzini lab) to long-term potentiation studies in mouse brain slices (Manya M. ’20; West lab).

It’s a huge leap for a student to perform a titration in our chemistry lab at Waterford to being able to move genes from one bacteria to another in order to produce a novel protein for study (Charles M. ’20; Schmidt lab) or to culture cancer cells and study dose-response relationships in high-throughput using a robot (Shilp S. ’20, Moos lab).

To succeed in such a transition from high school to PhD-level research, the students must pull from their vast experience on the Waterford campus. They need to rely on their resilience and ability to fail with grace; they need to clearly communicate both in writing and in speech; they must wade through an entirely new lexicon and foreign scientific concepts; they must act with maturity and dependability. For this, we would like to personally thank the entire Waterford community.


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