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Below is a poem written by Andrew S. in his English XII class during an assignment to write a mimic of Whitman’s “Crossing Brooklyn Ferry.”  Andrew’s poem creates a lovely snapshot of Waterford’s student-filled campus.

Trekking Across Campus

The trees lined up like army soldiers standing at attention
Water pooled along the dipped sidewalk due to last night’s rain
Crowds of students, short and tall, hurrying to their next class
Their identities hidden from sight with hoods pulled up and heads down
And you will avoid these puddles naturally not wanting to get wet
Yet you will see those not as careful suffer the consequences of their misfortune

Others will cut corners and trample the soft grass till it is there no more
Others will pull their bags behind them annoying everyone in the vicinity
Others will speed walk their way to the lunchroom hoping to be in the front
Others will tense their bodies against the cold wind
Others will dread the walk from 600s to 800s

I follow your steps, all grades, no matter which path you take
Just as you catch up to your friends ahead of you, I was hurrying to walk with my friends
Just as you wonder what’s for lunch, I was curious of the same
Just as you run to your lesson already late, I was feeling the same pressure of not being on time
I too observed all different grades and their behavior on the quad at lunch time
Saw friends laughing with and at each other
Saw people running out of sight seeking the warm inside
Saw cars drive off campus if the lunch was not desirable
Saw bunches at the doors because apparently no one had a fob
Look’d at the sky, a gray sheet that never ends
Look’d at the mountains to the east, dominating as ever
Look’d to the gym thinking about when I’d be there after school
Look’d to the library knowing I needed to get work done
The red brick buildings on all sides
The bark peeling off the trees
The leaves being blown off the trees and spread on the ground
The symmetrical pavement squares everywhere you look
Bordering the whole campus provides students a sure, constant path to their destination close or far.

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