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Crenshaw by Katherine Applegate Students in Shannon Lechner’s Class III read Crenshaw by Katherine Applegate together, which tells the story of a family experiencing homelessless from the perspective of a young boy. Students thought deeply about and responded to questions surrounding homelessness.

Blanket image
Class III students with a tie blanket they made for donation

As a continuation of this conversation, Bob Dalton, owner of a mission-based organization called Sackcloth and Ashes connected with our students via zoom before spring break. For every blanket purchased on the Sackcloth and Ashes website, the company donates a blanket to a homeless shelter. Their corporate goal is to donate one million blankets to homeless shelters by 2024.

Bob Dalton shared his personal story about why homelessness is close to his heart, and inspired students to follow through with their own ideas and dreams. The students really enjoyed the bit of his story when he shared that he was finally inspired to follow through with his idea to make blankets for the homeless by the words “What are you waiting for?!” on his coffee cup.

Cups of Inspiration
Student-designed and made cups of inspiration on display in the Class III hallway

Students shared their interview notes at home and created their own “cups of inspiration” to brighten the Class III hallway for their peers. Students then worked together to make tie blankets to donate to children at the local homeless shelter, The Road Home. As a special surprise, Bob Dalton sent each child in the class a box containing his book Everyone is Someone, and their own Sackcloth and Ashes blanket. The most beautiful part of his gift was that for every blanket he gave to a Waterford student, he also donated a book and blanket to a child in foster care.

Students were absolutely filled with gratitude by his generosity and ended their service project by reflecting on the beauty of having a generous and compassionate heart. Below are some picture highlights!

Sackcloth and Ashes
Bob Dalton of Sackcloth and Ashes speaking with Class III students via Zoom


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