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Waterford senior Tanisha Martheswaran was recently named a 2018 Coca Cola ScholarWaterford senior Tanisha Martheswaran was recently named a 2018 Coca-Cola Scholar. After three rounds of applications and interviews, Tanisha was one of 150 students selected to Coca-Cola’s 30th Class. Each recipient received a $20,000 college scholarship to be applied to their institution of choice.

Tanisha was selected from nearly 140,000 high school seniors across the country. The letter announcing her selection read, "Your selection as a Coca-Cola Scholar from nearly 140,000 applicants, 1,936 Semifinalists, and 253 Regional Finalists recognizes your academic accomplishments as well as your dedication and commitment to your school and your community."

Tanisha will travel to Atlanta, GA from April 18-22 for the Coke Scholars weekend. During the weekend, scholars will participate in leadership seminars and get to know members of their scholar class. 

“Being a Coke Scholar means that I will be part of a large community full of opportunities and connections for the future," said Tanisha. "I feel really honored and excited to have received this award.”

According to their website, the “Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation exists to bring better to the world through investment in exceptional high school students who are dedicated to leadership, service, and action that positively affects others.”

To learn more about the C0ca-Cola Scholarship Foundation, click here

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