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Peter B., Class XI Ceramics Sculpture
Peter B., Class XI – Geometric Slab Forms – selection and Honorable Mention from the National K-12 Ceramic Exhibition

Two Waterford School students had ceramics submissions selected for the National K-12 Ceramic Exhibition, Peter B., Class XI (his submitted sculpture was made in Class X) and Kasper N., Class X. The National K-12 Ceramic Exhibition is an annual juried ceramic competition for Kindergarten through Grade 12 (K-12) students in the United States. Designed to showcase the best ceramic work made in the country, the exhibition takes place in a different city each year in conjunction with the annual conference of The National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts (NCECA).

Kasper N., Class X Ceramics
Kasper N., Class X – Scaled-Up Air Pod 
Selection, National K-12 Ceramic Exhibition

​Ceramics teacher, Priscilla Stewart helped students submit work this year, and again this year the foundation experienced an enormous number of entries with a total of 939 entries—noting that , "the selection process was very difficult as there was such a high degree of outstanding work submitted. From the total entries, only 150 were selected for the exhibition."  Submitted work this year was being featured in Richmond, VA in March. Congratulations to our students for attaining this high level of achievement. 

Furthermore, Peter B.'s work, Geometric Slab Forms, was selected for further distinction.  Peter received an  Honorable Mention Award—this award, created by The National K12 Ceramic Exhibition Foundation – Board of Trustees, comes with this description: 21 student awards of Honorable Mention are selected by the juror at the exhibition. Students receive a certificate and their display label is marked indicating this recognition. Awards by grade are as follows: gr K-5 ( 3 Honorable Mention); gr 6-8 (3 Honorable Mention); gr 9-10 (5 Honorable Mention); gr 11-12 (10 Honorable Mention).




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