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The faculty and staff make Waterford School a wonderfully unique and exceptional place where students are inspired and shaped—the school is guided towards its mission of providing students with a world-class liberal arts education, by our talented faculty and staff. As the 2018-19 school year comes to a close, we take a moment to recognize and thank those members who are retiring, moving or pursuing new passions.  

JAY BECK (retiring) 29 years – LS Music Teacher

Jay Beck

After 29 years of bringing joy and a love of music to PreK-II students at Waterford, Jay Beck will retire at the end of this year. He has served as lead teacher for specialists at the LS, a piano accompanist for III-V and MS/US choral programs, and an influential advocate for music education at both Waterford and in the surrounding community. Jay started the Morning Musicale tradition because of his desire to make live music performances more accessible to the littlest listeners. He is a concert pianist and a composer, and he has personally composed the majority of the music that is performed by his students.

Mr. Beck leaves a legacy of joyful music making, and students will continue to sing his original lyrics and music for years to come. Our school has benefited from his influence, and we give him our love and gratitude for the way he has filled our hearts and concert halls with love, joy, and music. 

JAN PERKINS (retiring) 22 years – LS Science Teacher

Jan Perkins

Jan retires at the end of this school year after 22 years teaching science to Waterford Lower School students, and she is the kind of teacher that students will remember forever. She is an extraordinary and passionate teacher, turning curious and open-eyed young students into scientists that never give up!

Jan has introduced students to many species of animals, dissected cows hearts, welcomed any and all found items into her classroom, and created countless songs which can be heard throughout the halls. We wish Jan well in her retirement.

LUANA ULUAVE – 15 years – English Teacher

Luana Uluave

Next year Luana will continue her training in Clinical Pastoral Education as a Chaplain at St. Mark's Hospital. She will also be returning to school in pursuit of a Masters of Divinity degree at Iliff School of Theology in Denver. As a low-residency program, Luana will continue to live in Utah, and she hopes to see faculty and students as an occasional substitute teacher next year.

SARI SOUTOR – 14 years – MS/US Counselor

Sari Soutor

Sari is returning to private psychological practice along the Wasatch Front. She is excited to remain a member of the Waterford community as a parent of two Waterford students, one in Lower School and another in Middle School.

KRISTIN SOUTH – 5 years – History Teacher

Kristen South

Kristin is pursuing further academic work in Egypt as well as fiction writing. She has always inspired students with her passion for learning in many different disciplines. That passion will continue in her writing and other interests.

BEN HOKE – 3 years – Director of Advancement

Ben Hoke

Ben is moving to Charlotte, North Carolina where he will join Carter Company as a non-profit consultant. He appreciates being part of this amazing school community for the past few years. He and his wife, Katherine, and daughter, Millie, look forward to east coast proximity to family.


KATHERINE HOKE – 3 years – Class III Teacher

Katerhine Hoke

Katherine Hoke has taught Class III alongside Jenny Sorenson and Colleen Thompson for the past three years. She will miss her students and colleagues dearly. She, Ben, and Millie are headed to North Carolina to be closer to family on the East Coast, and Katherine will be a lead fourth grade teacher at Trinity Episcopal School in downtown Charlotte.   

CALVIN BENNETT – 5 years – English Teacher

Calvin Bennett

Calvin is returning to school to pursue a Ph.D. in clinical psychology and an eventual professional practice. His love for literature, philosophy, psychological theory, and more—combined with his years of teaching—will serve him well with his new project.

MEGAN BRUNT – 1 year – French Teacher

Megan Brutn

Megan will be celebrating the birth of her new baby and taking some time to be with her family. We hope that Megan and Baby Brunt will visit us on campus next year!

KELSEY JOHNSON – 1 year – School Nurse

Kelsey Johnson

Kelsey Johnson will be moving back to California at the end of the summer to be near her family. Kelsey will be with us into the summer as we transition to a new nurse. We wish her well with her new adventures.

MICHAEL O'CONNOR – 1 year – Class I Teacher

Michael O'Connor

Michael O’Conner is heading to Atlanta, GA to teach Kindergarten at The Westminster Schools and be closer to family. His time at at Waterford teaching in Class I is marked by kindness and he wishes the Waterford community well.

BRITTON GARDNER (POULTER) – 1 year – LS Music Teacher

Britton Poulter

Britton taught music to Class III-V and absolutely loved it! She heads to Spokane, WA to join her husband who is attending law school there. She will pursue another opportunity teaching elementary music and enjoying the great outdoors!


We wish these beloved faculty all the best. Stay tuned for a year-end head of school letter to learn about new faculty and staff who are joining our community next fall. Please join us for a retirement reception for Jay Beck & Jan Perkins on Thursday, May 30, 3:30 PM in the Lower School Atrium. 

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