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Faculty and staff are the heart of Waterford School, and they make it a wonderfully unique and exceptional place where students are inspired and shaped. Waterford is guided toward its mission of providing students with a world-class liberal arts education, by our talented faculty and staff. As this school year comes to a close—a year when each of us, students and teachers, has met unpredictable challenges head-on—we want to take a moment to recognize and thank those members who are retiring, moving or pursuing new passions.  We thank them for their many years of service. 


Sherry Egan – LS Reading Tutor Program Director

​Sherry Egan knows Waterford from its very beginning as a school in Provo, UT. Sherry has been instrumental in Waterford’s growth, especially in creating an exceptional Lower School tutoring program that is well known in the Salt Lake Valley for its research-based foundations and efficacy. She has worn many hats, including teacher, tutor and director. One teacher said she has never known anyone who works as hard or attends to each detail as carefully and meticulously as Sherry. The tutoring program has flourished over the years, and Sherry’s knowledge, steadiness, and warm smile will be missed at Waterford. Best of luck in your retirement.  

Martha Quinn – LS Librarian

Martha Quinn is not only a colleague to those of us in Lower School but also a dear friend.  She enrolled her two boys at Waterford in 1988.  Soon after she was asked to be our first Parent Association President.    In 1990 she began as our librarian.  Our library was literally like a one room schoolhouse.  It was very small and in Matt Robertson’s music classroom.  Martha went to work building and expanding our collection of books which has resulted in the beautiful library we have now.  Martha knows and has read every book in our library.  Many times, I have watched as a student has asked her for a certain book or a book on a certain topic and without hesitation, Martha walks right to the book.  She is a renown storyteller.  When Martha tells a story you can hear a pin drop, the children are so enthralled with her stories.  Martha loves to bake, go to farmer’s markets and be with her grandkids.  Her warmth and knowledge will be missed at Waterford.

Written by Betty Neal

JoAnne Price – Kindergarten Teacher

As a teacher, JoAnne is amazing to watch and it’s an especially great experience to teach with her for many reasons.  She is extremely intentional in everything she does, always keeping the developmental and academic level of the student in mind.  Every detail she sets up complements her teaching process, from the way her room is set up, to the organization of each child’s materials, to each activity that is broken down into intervals of 15 minutes or less – to get the best results. She is THE master teacher! She has the perfect tone and pace, other teachers notice this immediately when they walk into her room. JoAnne carefully develops a relationship and deep understanding of each child, she knows what encouragement and redirection they need: a touch, hug, nod, another chance, and the list goes on. Over the years I have watched her teach a variety of students, she approaches each one individually and very successfully. She establishes successful relationships with parents that benefit the students. She quietly educates and collaborates, always with an open mind to try something new. Additionally, she is generous to colleagues and Waterford with her time, and over the years has created an unmatched kindergarten curriculum. Many teachers have the aspiration to “teach just like JoAnne when they grow up.”  JoAnne, we wish you the very best in your retirement.

Written by Susan Johnsen

Elayne Taylor – Tutor

Elayne Taylor Elayne Taylor joined the Waterford tutoring program after teaching in the Jordan School District for 11 years. During her time at Waterford, Elayne tutored in reading, helping support our youngest learners in PreK. Elayne demonstrated wonderful patience and encouragement when she was with her students, and they enjoyed their time with her. We wish Elayne well in her retirement!

Julie West – Reading Specialist

Julie West ​Julie West has been a reading specialist for 10 years at Waterford, sharing insights and making sure each student learned foundations for a successful future at Waterford. We will miss her smile and presence in the Lower School. We wish Julie our best in her retirement!  




Barbara Biscupovich – Spanish Teacher

​Barabara Biscupovich has been an integral and beloved member of the Waterford community for over 15 years. Throughout that time, Barbara has helped many Waterford students discover a passion and appreciation for the Spanish language. Barbara, along-side her husband, Nicki Biscupovich, played a pivotal role in supporting the international students who attended Waterford School from across the globe. Additionally, she has lead many Waterford trips, helping to cultivate and stimulate meaningful learning experiences for our students, as they delved into new and exciting countries, cultures, and environments. 

Nicki Biscupovich – Spanish Teacher

​Nicki Biscupovich has been a valuable member of the Waterford teaching faculty for over 20 years. Nicki has impacted the lives of many Waterford students and alums through his passionate teaching of Spanish. Additionally, working together with his wife, Barbara Biscupovich, Nicki has helped build and support the vibrant and diverse community of international students at Waterford. His passion and commitment to service has inspired many students to identify meaningful ways to give back to surrounding communities. Nicki is a passionate traveler and skilled Waterford trip leader and has guided trips almost every summer and many spring breaks. 

Matt Douglas – Assistant Dean of Students/History Teacher

MatthewDouglas ​Matt Douglas has been a beloved teacher and dean at Waterford. He’s a history buff known for his love and knowledge of Scotland and its history (and taking a group of Upper School students during a summer academic trip), as well as his love of corgis. His own corgi, Phil will also be missed as a welcome and soothing fixture during Quarantine morning meetings. Matt not only brought passion to his classroom, but he has been and advocate for students and helped many of them navigate their way at Waterford. We wish you the best of luck!

Emily Glende – History Teacher

Emily Glende ​Emily Glende is a passionate history teacher who has helped many Waterford students discover their own fascination and love for history. She has been a committed and talented debate leader and coach. Throughout her 3 years here at Waterford, Emily has played a crucial role in growing the Ethics Bowl and developing Waterford’s ethics curriculum and lessons. 

Dylan Esson – History Teacher

Dylan EssonDylan has been a fixture at Waterford for 11 years, teaching Middle and Upper School students from Class VI to Class XII. He has most recently held the role of history department chair, and is both a great thinker about curriculum and about what it means to be a historian. He was also adept at getting students at Waterford to think deeply. We wish him well. 

Benjamin Goldstein – Math Teacher

BenjaminGoldstein ​Benjamin Goldstein has been a valuable member of the Waterford Math faculty this the last year. 

Michael Hilton – Strings Teacher

Michael Hilton

Michael Hilton has been a wonderful music teacher, teaching strings to Class IV and V students throughout the year. Our students have enjoyed learning with Mr. Hilton, and have appreciated his passion for the violin.  We wish him well as he begins a graduate program.  

Josh Holder – Band Teacher

Josh Holder ​Josh Holder is a talented musician and teacher. He has served the Waterford community for 5 years as a kind and supportive presence in the lives of our band students, and he took on the challenge of creating safe spaces during this pandemic year where students could continue their practice. 

Alan Layton – Math Teacher

Alan Layton ​Alan Layton has been a long-standing member of the Waterford community, as a Waterford’s alum and 6 years as a member of Waterford’s Math faculty. Alan has been beloved by his colleagues and Waterford students. He has been a patient and supportive resource for our Middle School math learners. 

Richard Malatesta – Science Teacher

Rich Malatesta ​Rich is well-known as an excellent classroom teacher who built our Class VII curriculum, teaches AP Biology, AP Environmental Science, the popular Marine Biology elective, and has helped plan the coming Science Facility. He served over a decade as Department Chair.  Additionally, Rich’s contributions extend well beyond the classroom, he has helped lead dozens of off-campus adventures— including Class IX Orientation trips, senior river trips, sailing trips in Alaska and off California, hiking trips all over Utah, and international trips such as to the Galapagos Islands and Mount Kilimanjaro. Rich also runs a popular games club at lunch for students. 

Written by James Harris

Jack Matthews – History Teacher

Jack Matthews ​Jack Matthews has been a valued member of the Waterford community over his 3 years at our school, where he has supported students as a Class Dean, History Teacher, and Men’s Lacrosse Coach. Throughout his time at Waterford, Jack has built meaningful relationships with his students and has been a positive and character-shaping force for many. 

Mary Powers – English Teacher

Mary Powers ​Mary Powers has had many hats here at Waterford over her 21 years. An English teacher, mother, dean, and ally, she has helped Waterford grow during her more than two decades as a part of this community.

Colleen Thompson – Class III Teacher

Colleen Thompson ​Colleen Thompson joined Waterford seven years ago and immediately brought joy to her classes and to the Lower School hallways. Colleen taught Class III with passion and energy, ensuring that every student felt welcome and treasured in her classroom. Colleen has been an active participant in the Waterford community—taking on DEI initiatives, the recycling program in the LS, and professional development opportunities for her colleagues. She will be greatly missed. 



Jennifer Wise – PreK Teacher

Jennifer Wise ​​Jennifer Wise has been a wonderful teacher to our youngest learners this year in PreK-3.  


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