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pop art dogs

Armed with the knowledge of primary and secondary colors, Class I students were asked to hypothesize, "What might happen if we mix more than two colors?"

Pop art dogs - mixing colors

Each student selected three different colors out of a choice of ten and started the experimentation on their palette and piece of cardstock. While they mixed and observed their new paint colors, I asked them to think of a happy thought that the paint evoked. The class had also read two books in the Blue Dog series by artist George Rodrigue, so they understood ways to share their ideas and thoughts about the paint. Students said, "My paint makes me happy because of my Grandma and a Texas sunset", and "My paint reminds me of the sea and of a good book",and "My paint makes me happy because it looks like fireworks in the summer".

Class I art

Afterward, students brought this new paint creation outside, so they could experiment with "flicking" paint off a paintbrush. (A pop art technique discouraged inside the classroom.) We discussed the Pop Art movement and how it could apply to the books we read.

flicking paint

At our next class, students drew Blue Dog on the back of their painted cardstock, cut him out, added details and designed expression in the eyes.  Each student mounted their Pop Art Dog on their choice of background with their thoughts about their paint creation.

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