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We had a terrific day welcoming moms and parents to campus for our school-wide Mothers Visiting Day on October 25. Mothers were invited to participate in classes and take part in daily campus activities. Parent visiting days are a special way for parents to experience Waterford through their children's eyes. We are looking forward to fathers visiting campus on February 14, 2018! 

"I hope you will embrace this journey of motherhood, with your children, with your family, with your friends, with others around you who may not even know they are impacting your current challenge, and with your school, with Waterford.  Independent schools like Waterford can be so much more than the classrooms in which your children learn, so much more than the facts in the books your children read. Embrace the places that your children’s journeys will take you. If you do, you will be absolutely amazed." -Jennifer Menke 

"There is an undeniable, distinct connection between mother and child, beyond the biological. It’s laughing at jokes that aren't funny and listening to stories without a point…It’s a song sang out of tune and resolving the next sibling squabble…It’s smiling when you want to cry and crying when you are so deeply smiling…It’s the snuggle on the couch and the patter of feet way too early on a Saturday morning when they crawl into bed to be near your heart…And it is the evidence we see every day here: the profound lessons that each of you teach your children, that by extension, so benefit all of us here at Waterford." -Andrew Menke, Head of School

LS Visiting Day Photos

MS/US Mothers Visiting Day Photos

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