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This past summer the Lower School teachers had the opportunity to assemble on campus and talk math for five days of “Math Camp”.  We have adopted Singapore Math as a primary classroom and student resource in the Lower School. The ultimate goal of adopting the program as the primary resource is of course to make a good math program even better.  The immediate objectives of the workshop were then aimed at moving us in the direction of our goal.  There were two principal objectives for the week:

For our teachers to immerse themselves in planning how to employ the new Singapore Math materials that they are using in the coming years.

For our teachers to experience learning, problem solving, and number sense in the way that these topics are presented in their new program.

Mission accomplished.  In the words of three Lower School teachers:

We found it an invaluable opportunity to be able to attend the Singapore Math Workshop.

We feel strongly that the positive impact of this time to learn and collaborate will be felt by our students throughout the year.  We are deeply grateful for the theoretical training and the practical lesson planning during a month when it could consume all of our focus.  Thank you for the opportunity to grow and reflect.

Math camp gave us the opportunity to learn new material and plan early, focusing entirely on math without other distractions.  Also, the teachers were cool, inspiring us to new heights.

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