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During the 2019-20 school year, three seniors are participating in an independent study in Waterford’s early childhood education program. During C block, these students walk across campus to the Lower School, where they immerse themselves in the curious and creative world of PreK students. Naomi, Lizzie, and Hanna share their experience: 

We all have the same love of being with kids. A senior last year worked as a Lower School aid, and we saw how much she enjoyed it. And when the yearbook staff  would come back from taking pictures in the Lower School, they always had a funny story to tell. We wanted to be a part of that, so we worked with Dr. Battistone and Ms. O’Malley to create an independent study this year, so we could experience and add to Waterford’s Preschool.  IndependentStudy2

It is incredible how much the children know at such a young age. They are brilliant and work hard to learn. When they ask about our life in school, we always tell them that it is not the same as their experience. As Waterford students, we all work so hard, but we have different perspectives. The kids are curious about everything new. They love asking questions and don’t hesitate to speak up. Every student is unique. As Upper School students, we aspire to have as much curiosity about learning as they do. 

The PreK students have responsibility with the jobs that their teachers give them, like cleaning the tables after snack time, pushing in the chairs, and turning off the lights. These jobs make them feel like the exceptional kids that they are. They have endless potential. They care about so many people. They love being around their teachers and peers, and they enjoy having us there. When we are not there, they ask about us and wonder when we are coming back. They give us hugs when we arrive and when we leave. They love sitting on ours or their teachers’ laps whenever they get a chance. They are social and enjoy being around people. 

We learn so much from our involvement with PreK, and we are grateful for the chance to work with the students and teachers.


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