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Waterford alumni give their perspectives on college. We welcomed back recent alumni to speak to current students about their college experiences. Nine Waterford alums returned to campus to offer advice and tell students how Waterford prepared them for success in college.

"The main purpose of the event is to offer Upper School students advice and encouragement for college and the college app process," said Director of College Counseling Sari Rauscher. "I get the conversation started with a few prompts, and hope to have students ask their burning questions about college life, academics, and choosing a college." 

The panel consisted of the following students:

Class of 2015:
Erica Park – U of Utah
Caleb South – Princeton U
Grace Sponaugle – U of Oregon, transferred this year to Occidental College
Eliza Wells – Stanford U
Ryan Townson – Auburn U

Class of 2016:
Max Evans – U Southern California
Ameen Moshirfar – Princeton U 
Nick Rasetti – Brown U
Elle Weir – Pepperdine U

Students offered the following advice…

On choosing a college:

"Visiting is key. Pay attention to the place. There is more going on in a college town or city than the college."

"I know people at Stanford who only went because it was the most prestigious school they got into…The people who are there because of a specific reason are happier. Think of why you want to go somewhere."

"Don't spend your senior year looking to get out of Waterford. Enjoy your time here."

On managing your time in college:

"It's up to you to set your schedule and structure yourself a lot more."

"You just need to spend the time to figure out what works for you."

"Even though the sport I do takes a lot of time, it's what gives my day structure."

"Take care of yourself. Get enough sleep, eat healthy. Your parents aren't there to tell you what to do. Some people don't take care of themselves and then break down. Don't let that be you!"

On choosing a major:

"Don't stress about taking a straight path to graduation. See where life takes you."

"Take one step at a time. One day at a time. One class at a time. Eventually you'll look back and be amazed by how far you've come." 

On finding friends and happiness at school:

"College is such a growing process. Give it a good try, because it's scary, but don't be afraid to admit to yourself if it isn't working."

"I'm really glad to be somewhere there are options, where there are strong programs in a variety of subjects."

"You realize everyone has the same fears. You end up bonding together because you have the same fears."

Thank you to all of our alums who returned for the panel! We wish you and all other Waterford college alumni the best in your spring semesters!

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