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Before departing for Winter Break, Class III students learned about Haiku and each wrote one themselves. The students wrote about winter and topics that inspired them in the colder months. Here is a sample of a few of their Haiku poems. To see them all, walk the Class III hallway where the written Haiku are mounted on hand-cut snowflakes. 


by Bentley M.
I was really scared
But then I had a great time
On the white, steep slopes


by Eleanor M.
Icicles are here
Always in that same, strange spot:
The bathroom window


by Abby H.
Every year, me and
my dad build snowmen and drink
Hot chocolate at home.


by Shiv S.
I like Diwali
Diwali is Indian
I light bright candles


by Aaron S.
Ice covered with white snow
Ice filled with air bubbles
Ice I can see through


by Ciena C.
snow falling lightly
when there is very cold air
flowing down on you


by Caroline M.
The snow in the sky
Is floating down in silence
And hits the white ground
Lower School

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