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DE | MARCATION Portfolio

A new, limited edition portfolio of work featuring a survey of contemporary photography in Utah was released this month and features two of Waterford's faculty. Bernard C. Meyers and Andrew Patteson's photography are both featured in a portfolio of work curated by Amy Jorgensen ’90 and Edward Bateman. The letterpressed Portfolio Box, DE | MARCATION, includes critical essays and the photographic work of 20 local Utah photographers—published and distributed by Red Butte Press at the University of Utah and Granary Arts.

©Andrew Patteson, Untitled 1227 from the series 78th South, 2012
©Andrew Patteson, Untitled 1227 from the series 78th South, 2012

The DE | MARCATION: A SURVEY OF CONTEMPORARY PHOTOGRAPHY IN UTAH is an edition of 35, 17 x 22 inch portfolios and was originally conceived by Amy Jorgensen ’90 to support the unique vision of artists in the state of Utah and to build on the rich discourse of image making in the region.

©Bernard C Meyers, Tokyo #355, 2018
©Bernard C Meyers, Tokyo #355, 2018

From the Granary Arts website, on DE | MARCATION, "Early photographic surveys of the American West explored the physical territory; this portfolio examines the conceptual landscape of creative practice by photographic artists spanning the vast spaces of Utah. The artists have strong connections to the state and their images represent a diversity beyond geographic boundaries; they interrupt convention and draw new lines. Intended to serve as a document of a historical moment, this portfolio was created as an act of generosity, especially through its inclusion of a younger generation of artists who represent not only the current state of photographic art, but also its future."


DE | MARCATION Portfolio - Granary Arts

In addition to the portfolio, there will be an exhibition featuring the work shown in this portfolio at Granary Arts in May – September, 2019.

For more information, please visit the Granary Arts website

Faculty Biographies:

Bernard Meyers:

Bernard Meyers

Bernard C. Meyers is recognized internationally as an artist and master printer. His work is held in public, private, and corporate collections nationwide. He is represented by the Klotz Gallery in New York. Portfolios can be seen at bernardcmeyers.com. His pursuit of beauty and the abstract has been an unwavering life long passion. To quote Burk Uzzle, “Bernie has that rarest of combinations, the mind of a scientist and the heart of a poet.” 

Bernard earned an MFA in traditional printmaking and a BFA in photography as a fine art. He founded and managed a fine art printing business, Portland Photographics specializing in portfolio and exhibition photographic printing. This rapidly became one of the finest photographic printing facilities in the world. Bernard has taught photography at the University of New England and the University of Southern Maine, Rochester Institute of Technology and the Maine Workshops and the Waterford School.


Andrew Patteson:

Andrew PattesonAndrew Patteson teaches photography at Waterford and is the Class X Dean. He has a BA in English Literature (photography minor) from the University of Miami and an MFA in Studio Art/Photography from Ohio University. He started his career in education in 1999, teaching English at a large public high school in Florida, and then English and photography at a small upstart charter school. After four years he decided to return to school to pursue an advanced degree in photography, and in 2007 completed his MFA and moved to Utah to embark on his career at Waterford. He is active as a working artist and has had photographs selected for regional and national exhibitions. You can see galleries of his work at http://andrew-patteson.com. He spends his free time having fun with his wife and young son, and his other passions include Ultimate disc and vintage steel bicycles.

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