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Associate Dean of Students

Reporting to the Dean of Students, acknowledging that all learning at Waterford is interconnected, the Associate Dean of Students’ primary responsibility is to help shape a mission-congruent Middle and Upper School student experience outside the classroom in close collaboration with the Dean of Students.

The Associate Dean of Students works with the Dean of Students and the seven Class Deans (constituting the “Dean Team”) in cultivating and sustaining a student culture in the Middle and Upper Schools that is engaged and unified in support of the Waterford mission.  This work will include weekly meetings with both Middle School Class Deans and Upper School Class Deans and regularly scheduled meetings with the entire Dean Team to discuss themes and trends impacting all aspects of student life in both divisions.

The Associate Dean of Students assists in the strategic planning for building student buy-in of citizenship standards, including uniform, attendance and overall respect for the Waterford community.  Additionally, the Associate Dean of Students works with the Dean of Students to develop and carry out effective and productive responses to repeated noncompliance.

The Associate Dean of Students has direct responsibility to oversee the academic progress of students in Classes VI-XII through close collaboration with Class Deans.

The Associate Dean of Students meets weekly with the Director of MS/US Tutoring and the Math Tutoring Director to ensure support plans are in place and to devise short term emergency support as circumstances may require.

The Associate Dean of Students meets regularly with the Dean of Students and the Academic Dean to formulate support strategies for students on Academic Probation with the goal of continually documenting a clear path toward graduation.

The Associate Dean of Students coordinates with the Admission Office and the team of Student Ambassadors, to arrange prospective student shadow visits, and with Class Deans to ensure smooth onboarding of admitted students.  

The Associate Dean of Students shares responsibility with the Dean of Students, Class Deans and Student leaders to plan and execute regularly scheduled student activities on and off campus.  These events include class specific activities as well as division wide activities.

The Associate Dean of Students participates in formal Discipline Committee meetings.


Please send resumes and a Letter of Application to:
Kristine Wilkins
Executive Assistant, Office of the Head of School
(801) 816-2205 
1480 East 9400 South, Sandy, UT 84093