Summer Term 2016

Zion canyoneeringWaterford Summer Term is a refreshing change from the regular school year’s learning milieu. Academic courses provide students with the opportunity to focus deeply in a specific, narrowed discipline, where they learn to think creatively, solve problems, write well, engage with ideas and experience places and opportunities that prepare them for meaningful life in a complex and rapidly evolving world. Athletics, arts and travel round out a rich curriculum designed to be a life-changing highlight in a student’s educational career.

Courses on Campus

Summer Term on campus has had an auspicious beginning. Courses in rowing, sewing, dance, Harry Potter cooking, computer programming, stop motion animation, beading, Dr. Seuss, and books and cooks are now complete. Also, off campus, we have students in China, Africa, Northern Europe and Spain with an excursion to Iceland in the wings.

Several courses have not yet begun and, in many of them, there is space available. To apply for enrollment, please use the REGISTRATION FORM.

Filled Courses

Courses listed below have reached their maximum enrollment and additional applications are not being accepted.

Cancelled Courses

Dance Academy

Enrollment will remain open for courses offered through the Waterford Dance Academy (Early and Late Dance Intensives). Please make enrollment arrangements directly with Kate Linsley.

Course Catalog

The links below connect to the list of courses offered in Summer 2016.

Completing the Registration Form


Travel in Summer 2017 and 2018

Waterford School is pleased to announce travel offerings that have been approved for Summer 2017 and Summer 2018. Trip details and enrollment in these courses will be available in Fall 2016 and Fall 2017, respectively.

Important note for Men’s/Women’s Lacrosse and Men’s Soccer: These teams are in season during Spring Break. Tryouts, practices, and team travel generally occur during Spring Break. If you plan to participate on one of these teams you should not apply for the Spring Break humanitarian service offerings.

Please note…

Waterford Summer Term is available only to currently enrolled students and new students enrolling in the 2016-17 school year.


Please direct your questions or suggestions about Summer Term to:
Steve Manning

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