Preschool & Kindergarten

PreschoolThe Waterford Preschool and Kindergarten provide our youngest students with the best possible beginning. In a warm and nurturing environment, teachers help young students apply their natural curiosity and develop important skills.

From the moment your child walks through the door, she will enter a world of exploration that actively develops physical and mental abilities, sharpens skills, and sets the stage for a happy, productive lifetime of learning.

In Preschool and Kindergarten, children begin the process of becoming readers, writers, listeners, and speakers. They learn to count, identify numbers on calendars and clocks, and sort, match, count, and graph shapes. They expand their knowledge about their schools, families, and communities. And they receive a wonderful introduction to visual art, music, and dance.

All of these activities take place in an environment where learning is as rewarding and enjoyable as recess – and where our youngest students have nearly unlimited opportunities to explore the world and examine their place in it.

Kindergarten students must be five years of age on or before September 1 of the year for which they seek admission.

Preschool Programs:

Nursery Threes Three Day or Five Day A.M. (8-11 AM) (M,W,F) or (M-F) 2 teachers/14 students
Three Day or Five Day P.M. (Noon-3 PM) (M,W,F) or (M-F) 2 teachers/14 students
Nursery Fours   Three Day or Five Day A.M. (8-11 AM) (M,W,F) or (M-F) 2 teachers/16 students
Three Day or Five Day P.M. (Noon-3 PM) (M,W,F) or (M-F) 2 teachers/16 students
Five Full Days (8 AM-3 PM) (M-F) 2 teachers/16 students

Kindergarten Program:

Full Day Kindergarten         Five Full Days (7 Hours) 8 AM to 3:00 PM

Extended Day:

The Extended Day Program is available from 7:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. for students in the Lower Schools. The Extended Day Program is available to enrolled children on days the child attends classes. The primary purpose of Extended Day is to provide an enrichment-care program for families whose work schedules do not allow them to be with their children before or after class. This program can be used on an hourly basis before and after school, but Waterford also offers a 4-hour and 6-hour bundled program for Preschool students. Please contact the admissions office about the details of this program.