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Waterford offers ceramics beginning in Class VIII.
Waterford Upper School ceramics students develop their wheel throwing techniques.

Through Waterford's ceramics program, Waterford students explore clay as creative medium. Students create unique designs as they investigate a broad range of creative possibilities. Students experiment with a variety of finishing processes including: slab and coil construction, sculpture, wheel throwing, and glazing and firing at a full range of temperatures. Waterford's dedicated ceramics studio is equipped with ____________.

The ceramics curriculum explores a variety of hand building techniques.
Ceramics is offered to students beginning in Class VIII. 

Ceramics is offered to students beginning in Class VIII. Middle School students learn clay hand building methods and a variety of finishing processes. Upper School ceramics students continue to build on their foundation in clay by learning wheel throwing techniques and more complex finishing processes. Advanced Placement students develop unique individual portfolios for submission to the Advanced Placement College Board. For more information on specific ceramics courses, visit our curriculum guide

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